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Day 2.23 Modeling Real Image Formation

Fri. Feb 28, 2014   Physics 2 students have already seen real images with their eyes, but were now given the task to model the light from the object as it is treated by a converging lens.  Each group placed … Continue reading

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Day 2.22 Empirical Formula Lab

              Thurs. Feb 27, 2014   Chemistry groups began the process of figuring out the empirical formula of Zinc Chloride today.  Groups started with a known amount of solid zinc, and then reacted it … Continue reading

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Day 2.21 Slow Drop Devices

Wed. Feb 26, 2014 We are studying constant acceleration  So naturally we determined that everything on Earth free falls at a rate of 9.8 m/s/s.  I challenged my classes to design an object that would be dropped at a rate … Continue reading

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Day 2.20 Relative Mass Simulation

Tues. Feb 25, 2014   Groups were given 4 containers.  The containers are simulators of gas containers of equal volumes, at the same temperature, and same pressure.  It is then safe to assume that there are the same number of … Continue reading

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Day 2.19 Using Robots to Check Graphs

Mon. Feb 24, 2014   After ANOTHER snow day last Friday, today physics students checked the accuracy of their graph matching using the robots.  The class was asked to use the programmable robots along with Vernier Motion Detectors to check … Continue reading

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Day 2.18 Graph Matching Game

Thurs. Feb 20, 2014 After a recent quiz I realized my physics students still needed help connecting position vs. time, velocity vs. time, and acceleration vs. time graphs.  I came up with the following Graph Matching Game.   Groups were each given … Continue reading

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Day 2.17 Element Compound and Mixture Assessment Item

Wed. Feb 19, 2014 Chemistry I students took an end of the unit assessment on Describing Elements, Compounds and Mixtures today.  Since switching to SBG this year I’ve had to re-evaluate how I assess.  This is a good example of … Continue reading

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