Day 55 – Bowling Ball Lab on the Lawn

Tues. Nov 19, 2013

2013-11-19 10.40.03 2013-11-19 10.40.16

Chemistry 1 – First we took a quiz that assessed on the findings of the Gas Pressure Labs. I then lead a discussion on the similarities and differences of scientific laws and scientific theories. I began by asking students to help generate a list of laws and theories they have heard of. I then use one or two examples the students are most likely familiar with to talk about. What I try to do with these is getting to the ideas that theories explain and laws predict. The other thing I want to make sure is understood is that both of these are based on observations. I also talk about how a scientific theory IS NOT waiting to be “passed” into a law. I try to get the ideas across that these are two different things that come from the same initial set of observations or data.

2013-11-19 14.47.51


Physics 1 – We revisted the Bowling Ball Grand Prix from Friday except this time we set up the course outside in the lawn. The students then began answering some questions about the two bowling ball experiences.

Chemistry 2 – Work time on Titration Lab Write Up.


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I teach high school Chemistry and Physics using Arizona State University's Modeling Method. The school I teach in is Bloomer HS in Northwest Wisconsin. I've been using the Modeling Method for 7 years now and have just recently begun using Standards Based Grading as a way to assess my students learning.
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