Day 39 – How does a Bowling Ball move?

Mon. Oct. 28, 2013

Chemistry 1 – As bridge activity between unit 1 and 2 small groups whiteboarded particle diagrams.  I gave the groups data about the densities of carbon dioxide and water when each is a solid, liquid and gas.

2013-10-28 14.23.37
2013-10-28 14.57.08

Physics 1 – I posed the question above and said “prove it.”

2013-10-28 13.57.01

Day 39Day 39 pH

Chemistry 2 – I continued to model the pH scale and the reason for it.  I started with the question above.  After some heavy influence from me we decided we could use the log function (see above left graph).  The next problem (although one student questioned why this is a problem at all) is that all the numbers are negative.  To solve we simply put a (-) sign in front of the log function.  This function is what is defined as pH.  Cool!  Unfortunatly, this whole demo/discussion took way too long.  I need to figure out a way to make is sorter and more interactive for the students.  It was way too much of me talking.


About bradwysocki

I teach high school Chemistry and Physics using Arizona State University's Modeling Method. The school I teach in is Bloomer HS in Northwest Wisconsin. I've been using the Modeling Method for 7 years now and have just recently begun using Standards Based Grading as a way to assess my students learning.
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