Day 38 – Assessments

Fri Oct. 25, 2013

Chemistry 1 – End of Unit 1 Assessment

Physics 1 – End of Unit 1 Assessment

NOTE: I don’t really try to have my units in both classes to end on the same day, but it always seems to work out that way for some reason.

Chemistry 2 – Students worked on their semester “final” project.  The project is that groups need will perform a “fun” chemical demonstration for the class, and maybe for other groups as well.  Besides just performing the demo they need to be able to explain the chemistry behind it.  Today they spend researching cool stuff they could do.


About bradwysocki

I teach high school Chemistry and Physics using Arizona State University's Modeling Method. The school I teach in is Bloomer HS in Northwest Wisconsin. I've been using the Modeling Method for 7 years now and have just recently begun using Standards Based Grading as a way to assess my students learning.
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