Day 5

Monday Sept 9, 2013

safety challengeChemistry 1 – We took the “Laboratory Safety Challenge” by Flinn Scientific.  After watching the video you were asked to come up with 2 safety rules, stated in your own words.  You are going to take those rules and depict them on a safety poster.

Day 5 - pendulumPhysics 1 – We had a pre-lab discussion about pendulums.  We discussed independent and dependent variables and how they relate to a pendulum swinging.  We narrowed down a long list of ideas into several measurable variables we can test in the lab.

Chemistry 2 – We whiteboarded and discussed the Gas Law reviews practice problems.  You were then given the challenge of determining the exact volume of an Erlenmeyer Flask so that we can use that info for the Molar Volume Lab.



About bradwysocki

I teach high school Chemistry and Physics using Arizona State University's Modeling Method. The school I teach in is Bloomer HS in Northwest Wisconsin. I've been using the Modeling Method for 7 years now and have just recently begun using Standards Based Grading as a way to assess my students learning.
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